Skiba Rives (skibalovesya) wrote in mikeyxcore_fans,
Skiba Rives

Err... hey. Um. Yeah, I know, I'm like, dead. Go figure...

I think I owe it to my fans to at least somehow mention what's going on with me and why there hasn't been anything new from me in at least a year.

Lots of things happened. Loss of motivation (I'm mostly motivated by you guys, come on, hit me with some funny stuff and I'll make new comics, swear to Mikey), and loss of MS Paint... I'm using a Mac now. And they don't call the program Microsoft Paint for nothing.

I'm not going to say anything about a hiatus or discontinuation. There really wasn't any routine I followed. Inspiration struck, and I posted. That's all it was. And inspiration abandoned me a while back.

So please, guys, hit me with ideas, I'll try to make some funny. You may see more of me over the summer.

Then again, I post so infrequently because the one thing I fear is ruining the punch that MCR Stick Figure Comics delivers. I won't post a comic if I don't think it's going to make you become ded from roffles.

Also, I must take the time to mention that it makes me so unbelievably happy to know that I cheer up and amuse people out there who share my zany sense of humor and love for MCR. I just think of you guys out there, bored out of your skull being amused by some 15-year-old girl's MS Paint doodles, and I feel like I made an impact somewhere. We're a large demographic, us MCR fans... and I appreciate your fansership. XD;;

So keep the dream alive if you feel I'm not doing an adequate job. Make your own MCR stick figure comics. Send them to me, make me lmao. I'll even put them on my website. All of them. No matter what.

Mikeyxcore forever, fangirlies and fanboysies. :D
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