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Three new icons.

Screw the hiatus. I love you guys all too much to go on, I have nothing better to do but sit in this uncomfortable wooden chair and update my ElJay.
I managed to remake three of my icons, tonight. It's been a long day, I'm tired, and this char makes my butt REALLY hurt.
Here are the icons:

o1: o2: o3:

Comment AND credit is required. Base credit for two and three go to blade_you_stain, and brush credit goes to teh_indy. I'd like to personally thank my friend, Cristina (unsafetypin) for putting the tutorial by findme_icons in her memories, that taught me how to use brushes and how to make icon number two.
overridehelp still hasn't gotten back to me about my layout. I is teh sad. I don't like this stupid default layout. It's icky. Please excuse my bitching. It's one-thirty in the morning and my butt still hurts. Plus I've got something in my eye *rubs* There, it's gone, now.

Ha! I'm STILL listening to 'From Under the Cork Tree'. I've lost count how may times I've listened to it. Actually, I wasn't counting, but I can sing along to every song, now. Go me n___n

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