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Lots of new icons.

I seriously got busy last night and went through a lot of the bases saved in my memories. I can't believe how many icons I made in such a short period of time! The only thing that sucks, though, is that tonight is a school night, so I might not be able to make any icons, tonight :( But hopefully this batch'll keep all of you at bay until the next time I can make more n___n

Since all of these icons were made with bases I have the lovely killxsmile/_x_brokenwings, christjohnny, killaliar and stoicsweetmint to thank. Your bases rock so much, you guys. Thanks for letting me use them!

When taking an icon you MUST comment on which icon(s) you're taking (ie. I took icon number one from so-and-so. Thanks!). You also MUST give credit to me for the icons you're using. You can do this by going to Manage >>> User pics >>> Comment: Thanks safetypinsmile. It's really not that hard.
If I see you haven't commented or credited (or both) I'll report you to ElJay abuse, and no; I'm not joking. I take these kind of things seriously.

_the Used:
o6 Bert McCracken icons,
o6 Branden Steineckert icons,
o4 Jeph Howard icons,
o2 Quinn Allman icons,
o1 Bert McCracken/Branden Steineckert/Quinn Allman icon,
o1 Quinn Allman/Jeph Howard icon
o1 Quinn/Allman/Branden Steineckert icon.

_My Chemical Romance:
o6 Gerard Way icons,
o3 Frankie Iero icons,
o1 Mikey Way icon,
o1 Gerard Way/Frankie Iero icon
o1 Gerard Way/Mikey Way icon.

_Fall Out Boy:
o1 Fall Out Boy icon,
o1 Pete Wentz icon
o1 Patrick Stump icon.

o1 Bert McCracken/Gerard Way icon.


Jane, get me off this crazy thing...called love.

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